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Everyone would have used a lock once in their life. Even if you’ve not used the old and simple padlock, you must have worked with the modern versions like keypad locks, magnetic locks and twisting locks at some point in your life. Now, the concept might seem simple, but the working mechanism is completely complicated, and it only a locksmith can understand exactly what has gone wrong; whether it can even be fixed, or do we get a new one. Dania Beach Locksmith Store is a locksmith in Dania Beach and is available at all times at your beck and call to tell you what is wrong with your locks and repair them as well. Not only that, we can install brand new security systems in your office, home, restaurants or cars as well so that no one can enter without your permission. Our locksmiths are highly experienced and extremely talented and will guarantee to solve your problem every time you call us. Our helpline number 954-283-1775 is open at all times on all days and we are at your service whenever you are facing a lock related issue.

If you live in Florida, especially in the Dania Beach region then it would be a good idea to save our number on your phone so that you can get immediate attention whenever you are facing a lock related issue at your home, office, cars, schools or other commercially owned places. Our team of talented locksmiths are available for your service at all times.

Who We Are?

We are one of the most premium quality locksmiths in Dania Beach, Florida. We started out with just a bunch of locksmiths around a decade ago whose main mission was to make things easier for our clients and provide premium quality service at affordable prices to anyone in need. We are aware of the difficulties one has to face in times of a lockout, especially when you have somewhere important to go but forgot to take the key out of the ignition. That is why we provide locksmith services to anyone in need in the middle of the night as well and won’t charge anything extra for it.

There are a lot of satisfied customers who have used our services throughout our lifetime and can act as a testimonial for the quality service that we provide to people in need. There are trained executives who are available for help at any time of the day and the best thing is that we don’t take a break any day, even if it is a national holiday.

Why Us?

You might ask that out of all the locksmiths that are already available in Dania Beach, why would you choose Dania Beach Locksmith Store for your locksmith needs. Well, we have locksmiths who have an experience of over a decade among them and have been trained to work on different kinds of locks. Apart from professional training, we teach them soft skills so that they can interact better with the customers and help them in times of emergency. You’ll love working with our locksmiths and we’ll be a treat to interact with whenever we come for your help.

Another selling point for us is our dedication towards customer satisfaction and the lengths we go to make sure that they experience the least amount of trouble. Our locksmiths will readily come to your aide even in the middle of the night and even in the most remote places. Now you never have to panic when you are locked out of your car or your own home in Dania Beach.

We provide quick service in around half an hour of you calling at 954-283-1775 and will reach wherever you are facing an issue. There is a fleet of mobile vans which has all the tools a modern locksmith would require to complete a task. This makes it easier for a locksmith to do one job and then move on to another in a short amount of time. Not only does it save your time but will also allow us to serve more customers in a single day.

Our Services

Dania Beach Locksmith Store provides a wide range of services across different domains so that everyone can make use of our experienced locksmiths and the state-of-the-art tools. We are not just limited to fixing and repairing simple locks that you see on people’s doors. Here are some of the services which we offer as a premium locksmith in Dania Beach.

  • Residential Locksmith Services

It is important that the place you spend most of your time in, is safe to live and completely safe from intruders or burglars. That is why homes and apartments are one of our biggest clients as most people want to upgrade their existing security system to make them feel safer and more protected. Our locksmiths are familiar with each and every kind of lock and would be a great asset when you are locked out of your own house. Even if you are not sure about any upgradation, you can just call us for a free consultation.

The services which offer are:

  • Changing of locks
  • Installing deadbolts and peepholes in doors
  • Installing smart locks
  • Home lockout assistance
  • Repairing damaged locks
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Installing locks in your mailbox and garage
  • Key cutting service
  • Consultation on Home Security
  • Commercial Locksmith Services

While starting a company you might be focused on what kind of work would you do and what people would you hire. What kind of locks should be present in the company and the different security measures you can take to ensure the well-being of your employees and the data of your customers should be a matter of concern as well. We have highly trained and experienced locksmiths who are familiar with all the building codes and regulations one need to follow while setting up security in your office, hospital, hotel, school or other commercial building.

Other services that we offer are:

  • Installing lockers and locking file cabinets
  • Repairing old locks
  • Commercial building lockout assistance
  • Installing fingerprint, magnetic and code locks
  • Replacing all the locks in your office
  • Repairing and installing push bars and panic bars
  • Maintenance and timely update of your lock system
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Automotive Locksmith Services

Locks are not just present in your homes or offices. Wherever there is a door, a lock will find its use. Car locks can be some of the trickiest things to work with if they get damaged or a little broken. Apart from that most people tend to forget about their trunks for a long time which jams the locks and prevents it from opening after a long gap in between. If you are locked out of your car and really far from any kind of shops, then you can easily call Dania Beach Locksmith Store as we are the best locksmith in Dania Beach.

Our services include:

  • Duplication of car keys
  • Rekeying of the ignition
  • Installing or setting up transponder keys
  • Unlocking trunks of cars
  • Car key cutting
  • Extracting broken and stuck keys from the ignition
  • Help during car lockout
  • Emergency Locksmith Services

There’s no telling when you might encounter an emergency with your locks and keys, but when you do know that the most trusted locksmith in Dania beach is right around the corner to help you. You can reach out to Dania Beach Locksmith Store for 24/7 emergency locksmith service in the region. We deliver lockout assistance, make new keys, repair locks and much more. The best part is that we don’t charge you an extra fee for serving you during odd hours.

Our services include:

  • Help during lockouts
  • Lock unlocking
  • Key making
  • Rekeying
  • Lock repairs
  • Overnight work
  • Safe opening

So, whenever you are facing a lock related issue just stay calm and call your friendly neighborhood locksmith in Dania Beach at 954-283-1775. We will be at your location armed with tools and equipment to help you with any kind of issues or difficulties.

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